July's Pet of the Month, Chutki,

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Hello folks! We’re back again, but this time we’re here to introduce to you our Pet of the Month, Chutki!!


Yes! That’s right! Meet Chutki, an absolutely adorable doggo who was rescued off the streets by her momma, Manjiree. Chutki, who is now a part of a loving family, was initially a stray who was left in a poor health after an accident. But as luck would have it, Manjiree found her one day and the rest, as they say, is sweet history.


Wanting to know more about this cute pupper, we reached out to Manjiree and we asked her how she came across Chutki. She said, “My sister first noticed Chutki in an extremely bad stage of mange with no coat only pink inflamed skin and both hind legs broken due to a hit and run case. She was only 6 months young. She was immediately rushed to the Veterinary Doctor and her double treatment took off. And because Chutki needed 24 hours supervision and medication, she was taken in by us and her journey to recovery started. With time she grew stronger and our bond too and that is how we adopted her.”


Amazing, I’d say! Maybe it was luck that led Majiree’s sister to Chutki that day, but we’re willing to wager the fact that Chutki’s charm also played a part that led her to get adopted. To this Manjiree adds, “That love comes your way in every form. She is our daughter and a grand-daughter to my father-in-law (yes, that’s right). She’s also extremely caring because every time her parents step out she will immediately check on my father-in-law and be next to him.”


WOW, this has got to be one of the smartest and kindest dogs in the world!



But looking back, Manjiree admits that it wasn’t an easy journey to recovery for Chutki, especially after the hit-and-run case. After we requested her to shed some light on Chutki’s recovery, Manjiree said, “Chutki was in severe pain when she came home on November 17, 2013. Both hinds being broken, she was unable to relieve herself and we had to carry her daily in a sling to help her relieve and help her get stronger. And today by all her determination and will she healed without any surgery and now, Chutki has become a runner while playing on the ground.” Tell you what guys, this story becomes more heart-warming as we learn more! Not only is this dog extremely resilient, but hats-off to Manjiree’s family and their care and understanding towards their girl.


Lastly, as a special note, we’d like to tell our readers that Manjiree is also an Animal welfare activist, which is simply brilliant! In an effort to share useful information with our readers in terms of dealing with injured strays, we asked her to share details of her field-of-work and other related info. To this Manjiree has to say, “I have been associated with animal welfare since 2008, helping community dogs and cats with medical assistance as I have completed the First Aid medical course from ResQ Charitable Trust, Pune. I have also rehabilitated lots of dogs as a part of our adoption program. Counseling is my forte, and I also spearheaded the Animal Birth Control project in our city.” Manjiree goes on to add, “In case a citizen comes across any medically serious case on the streets of Pune then please have the case reported on www.resqct.org/webline. Please have some patience after reporting as the NGOs need some time to respond. Volunteers will be on their way but be patient.”


Now that’s food for thought!! Anyway, readers, I hope this story of Manjiree and Chutki has been inspiring and has left you all in awe.


We intend to bring you more of such stuff, so hang tight! Till then, cheers!