How to say ‘hi’ to a streetie

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How to say ‘hi’ to a streetie (that's what we fondly call a stray)


Stray animals can be quite volatile and unpredictable but if our approach is cautious we'd notice that even they can be capable of displaying and receiving love. So, here we’ll try to highlight a few tips on how to approach strays.

Caution is the first thing to be observed while approaching a stray.

A point to be noted here is the fact that most strays have eventually adapted to the way of living on the streets, which is why they do not easily trust people, exceptions being people who feed them or pet them on a regular basis. Always be wary of a stray’s aggression, for a tiny wrong move on your part can send a wrong signal leading to an unprovoked attack. To avoid sending out a wrong signal, avoid longer eye contact since looking directly at the eyes symbolizes a challenge. Another important advice would be to observe the signals that the stray is sending out. In case of cats, hissing or an upright puffed-up tail symbolizes aggression, and upon noticing this sign, one should immediately stand down. In case of dogs, bared teeth are something to watch out for. Quick fact: stray dogs generally have their own territories, and if they’re aggressive, it doesn’t always mean they plan on attacking you, but rather that they intend to protect their turf.

Like mentioned earlier, all this display of aggressive behavior is due to the harsh life out on the streets, where love and food both are in short supply.

Luckily, it is easy to remedy both.

Prime points to note if you’re approaching a stray: Do not use sudden or quick actions, do not conceal your hands, and do not be afraid.

If you plan on approaching a stray, obviously, you should try not to be jumpy; practice to have a cool demeanor and combine it with light treads or movements. Sudden movements may startle the stray and lead to unwanted consequences. Similarly, do not conceal your hands since concealed hands often sends a signal of violent intent and the stray may either flee or attack.

Try to keep your hands outstretched where the stray can see them. Having a box of cookies is an effective way to break the ice.

Needless to say, earning a stray’s trust can be a very tough job, and often time consuming.

But if you’re ready to put in the required efforts, maybe even walk that extra mile then rest assured for your efforts will be repaid tenfold in the form of a loyal, trustworthy and a very cute friend with fur.