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Sapna Sarfare along with Petville reminds pet owners of why they should be running after getting regular vaccinations for their pets rather than the vets


Any smart individual would realise that just like human beings are capable of carrying diseases around, animals especially pets are capable of doing that too. So just like humans, our pets have to be vaccinated to as to keep them healthy and stave any diseases away. One has to understand that pet diseases are not theirs only always... we can be infected too. These words are enough to make pet owners realise the importance of vaccinations for their beloved pets.

The trouble is when pet owners do not realise the importance of regular vaccinations for their pets and vets or pet stores have to run behind them to get their pets vaccinated regularly. Just like annual check-ups or medicines are importance in your family’s life, it is the same for the pets. Here’s why you should keep a regular tab on pet vaccinations and not the other way round.


A small start on what vaccinations mean to the pets.

Vaccines are a way to make sure that the immune system gets the strength to fight disease organisms. This way, pet is ready to fight it off any diseases. The reason why vaccinations need to start right from the time when you pets are babies is because as puppies, they have their mother’s milk which gives them immunity naturally. But as they grow up, they are weaned from it and so need external vaccinations to help boost their systems for fighting diseases.

Most pet owners think that pet vaccinations are something which one can just follow when one can remember. Remember, your pet’s system is different and so would require different vaccinations on a regular basis. Also, puppies or kittens or any pet as a baby need more vaccinations than grown-ups. So it is vital that they get more vaccinations than the adults.


What should be done - Petville Recommends

The first thing most pet owners must understand, according to Petvillestore, is that vaccinations are divided into two parts – core vaccinations & non-core ones. By core vaccinations, one means that these are a must for each & every pet, while the non-core ones depend on individual pets & their lifestyles. The vets are the best people to suggest you the different vaccinations. So keep your eyes and ears open. Certain tips help remember the vaccinations and lessen the pressure on vets.

  • Keep a chart of the important vaccinations of your pets with due dates. Each time you visit the vet, change the date on the chart regarding your next visit for any vaccination. Using your cell phone would be a good option for reminders.
  • Apart from the vaccination dates, keep regular dates with the vets for general check-ups. This will help you keep your pet’s health better.
  • Keep your pet papers filed so that it is easily accessible for you and the doctor. Try to computerise these files so that you can send them to your pet’s doctor when in need.
  • We always receive recommendations from doctors of certain vaccines. They might help in keeping illnesses away but are not on the must have list. The same goes for pet vaccinations. But keep regular updates from the vet and listen to what they have to suggest.
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