Summer care for pets

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Days have started to get longer and and so the sun stays that wee bit more in the sky making even the nights hot. It's time for a routine change, don't know about you but definitely for your pets.

For starters, shed that extra clothing. Take your pooch to a grooming salon and get him a new trim. Dogs don't sweat like us, the only way for them to lose heat is by panting. Many times as the temperature rises it's not enough. A thinner coat would help not store heat. Increased heat can lead to symptoms of a heat stroke which are excessive panting, dehydration, excessive drooling, increased body temperature, reddened gums and moist tissue, rapid heart rate etc. If your pet shows such signs take him to a vet immediately.


To avoid it, it's important to give the pet access to drinking water all the time. Pampered pets can be kept in air conditioned rooms or if not the bedding should be placed in a well ventilated area where the pet can change its spot as per his need. While taking the pet out for a walk make sure you do that early morning or after the sun sets, if not then check how hot the path is with the back of your hand to make sure if it will be comfortable for him to walk on. As a solution you can buy booties to keep those paws protected. Dogs have their own way of maintaining body temperature even on a hot day a dog will sit in the sun for a few minutes. Its totally normal, but make sure he gets to come inside when he feels like.


Also refrain from getting pets that aren't exactly made for Indian climate. Dogs such as huskies have miserable lives in such conditions. Where as our local breeds are well adapted and live a long, happy life. So choose wisely.


And when it comes to battling the heat don't forget about the animals who live on their own. Make sure you remember to put a bowl of water out for the strays and the little birdies.


Stay protected and enjoy the summers!