Spread Compassion

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We at Petville always try to seek new and different ways to spread the cheer that is being a pet-parent.


We’re always trying to advocate stray adoption and other ways in hopes of trying to light up two lives at once. Here we try to achieve that goal by introducing you to unique and touching real life stories. Last time we introduced you to Sarper Duman, the Turkish pianist who rescued and adopted nine cats, nursing them back to health. Not only did the cats find a new home and a father, but Sarper found himself a lively family. And now, this time, we would love to introduce to you yet another such kind-hearted spirit.



Fun fact: the following story comes from none other than Pune itself; Viman Nagar, to be exact. A local general stores shop, owned by Vinod, at Sanjay Park, has become a home to two beautiful black stray puppies. One look at these lively and mischievous puppers and you are bound to fall in love with both of them. The one thing you’ll notice about this pair is how full of life they are; unlike many strays that are neglected and left to fend for themselves. But these two are very lucky. Vinod feeds the pair, and has basically adopted the two doggos.


On being asked how the two black fur-balls ended up at his store’s doorstep, he says, “Don’t really know where they came from, but they’ve been here now for some time. I just feed them, and that’s why they don’t go anywhere. I don’t really have a problem if they stay, actually.”


Yep, that is truly wonderful. And while this story may seem mediocre, what we should take away from this is the fact that, performing acts of kindness, no matter how small, towards these beautiful yet helpless beings, can do wonders in your life.


We really need more people like this shopkeeper to make this world a better place!