Pet Of The Month- August

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Dogs are not gift articles they are living beings!! Please read on this "pet of the month" story which revolves around this issue.

This month we have chosen this super naughty and super cute pupper an adorable and loving Lab aptly named, ‘Buddy’! And as usual, we also have an insight into his backstory! Read on and have your day made for you!

First off, we’d like to tell you all, Buddy was adopted by his mom, Natasha. How that exactly came to be? Natasha answers your question, saying, “Buddy came into my life from Ahmedabad 5 years back on 12th July to be precise. My cousin’s neighbors had taken an impulsive decision without considering the elders in the family and bought him. He was not accepted by them and they decided to give him away. That’s when my cousin asked me and after considering all the pros and cons; we took him in and as they say the rest is history.” Yup, this just goes on to prove the point that even if you are first-timers, it all works out in the end, if you put in enough efforts to nurture your pets. Of course, it can be a lil’ frightening at first but, ‘all’s well that ends well’, right? 
But if you’re still skeptical, let Natasha crush all your doubts and fears. This is what she has to say about her life after Buddy became a part of her life, “It has been an eventful journey till now. A little tough in the beginning as we were pet parents for the 1st time. In Gist Few adjustments, few sacrifices of our furniture, favorite clothes (all are hilarious stories now), and lottt of love and fun.” 
Oh and did we tell you that Natasha is an active animal welfare activist? Yup, there’s that. So, we did our part and asked her what she could tell our readers regarding strays, in hopes of spreading awareness and squashing at least a fraction of the dogma. What she has to say as an answer hits you hard (as it should), “All animals have equal rights to live on this planet with dignity. Our strays are all loving creatures and worth of every bit of empathy and love from our side as well. We should all live in harmony and as I always say- “If you can’t help them; at least don’t harm them.” Pretty straight, right?
Anyway, as a concluding note, we asked Natasha the ultimate, and possibly the hardest, question there ever can be for a pet-parent: The one thing about Buddy that Natasha absolutely loves. Her answer is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. “This is the most difficult one as I don’t know how to describe just one thing. However the one thing I absolutely adore is that he never leaves me alone. He will be by my side through thick and thin; a true partner in every sense of the word.”
All in all, I guess that story is top-notch; filled with load s of love. Anyway folks, we hope you all loved reading this month’s Pet of The Month story. We now bid you farewell, until next time! Keep spreading the love!