Pet Care in Diwali

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Pet care during Diwali is very vital for their health. Sapna Sarfare shows every pet owner the way.

Come Diwali and every home is filled with excitement. Yet, taking care of our pets in this time is also vital. Most pets are seen cowering in a dark corner frightened or going crazy in a panic mode. While most pet owners try to make sure that their pet is safe, disasters do happen sadly. A few tips might come in handy for making Diwali extra special for your beloved pets.


Of course, the first thing to hit your pets is nervousness & stress. One can see them shaking, barking madly, hiding under a bed or in some dark corner and just refusing to interact or even eat food. Some might even face health troubles.

Dr. Milind Hatekar, a leading veterinarian from Pune, reveals, “Dogs hear 40 times more than human hear, so any cracker when busted is 40 times more audible to the dogs this creates more anxiety and fear in dogs. This is why they start shivering and may undergo hiding due to sheer fear. Stray dogs may undergo hiding below the cars or in hiding places. There are incidences where people throw burning cracker on dogs and cause them burns.”

The last part is true in many cases where the pets become a target for fiends who will also trouble any animal by tying crackers to their tails, or even flinging the pets into fire.


Dr. Hatekar exposes, “Pet owners should understand the plight of the dogs and should not use noisy crackers. Non-noisy crackers do cause suffocation in pets if burnt in enclosed space. Sometimes, pets may lick the gun powers from crackers and may get poisoning.”

Creative consultant Lavina Thakur has 3 dogs at her place. She reveals, “My 3-year-old rescue Yoda was hit by a bike as a little puppy. So, he is extremely scared of loud sounds. His first Diwali was unbearable for him with the crackers sound. We have worked on him a lot, but now he is not that scared anymore. So, if you have a scared pup, try to desensitize him throughout the year. Play loud sounds throughout the year. At the same time, we talk & tell him that it’s ok and give him his favorite treats. After doing this many a times, he started to adjust to loud sounds. It also helps that there are other dogs at home who are not scared at all. Now during Diwali, he is still scared & doesn’t go for walks happily. He prefers being indoors, but at least he is fine.”


Dr. Hatekar suggests, “If you live in a crowded area, keep the pet in a hostel far away from the city or human dwelling. Mild anxiety medication can be given to them during the peak time of crackers. Bach flower remedy can be used to them calm down. Another tab is Calmex that can be used in dogs.”

Petville Pet Store always believes its job is making sure the beloved animal is happy all the way. Keeping this in mind, Petville gives advice for pet owners to follow.

  • Calming the pets would work. Or a thick blanket on their ears or ear muffs shut out noise.
  • Feeding them well would be a good so that when they hide, they don’t end up hungry.
  • Keep them indoors before the fireworks start to avoid any issues. A room with least windows would work to keep the noise as little as possible.
  • If you need to walk your dog, then choose a less noisy time. A lease would come in handy here.
  • Toys would be a good distraction for them. Do not shout at them if frightened. Reward them if well behaved.
Blog post by Sapna Sarfare
Photo Credit: Photograph © Gurmeet Sapal