Pet Of The Month - September

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Hi there folks and greetings from Petville!!! It’s that time again, when we bring to you another unique and adorable story of a bond between pets and their parents! To put it short, we’re here with this month’s Pet of the Month!!!
This time, our Pet of the Month honor goes to, Donnie and his dad; Capt. Sumit Kapur. And as usual, this story is as unique as it gets. First off, Donnie is adopted. To be more precise, Donnie’s backstory goes something like this, as the Captain stated, “Donnie is unique. I got him from my neighbor; who himself had rescued him from dying when he was about a few weeks old. My neighbor had family constraints as his wife was carrying n due in about 3 months , subsequently since he found it difficult to look after Donnie , I took over .” 
And that is indeed how, most of the times, circumstances lead to a beautiful companionship, isn’t it?
But the story has more to it, that being: Donnie has special needs. As Donnie’s dad will tell you, “When I took over, I realized that he was very irritable by nature and would pounce upon anyone; due to being neglected as already mentioned above . In view of the same ,I decided to groom him in a way that he would change for good ,but it was challenging since he had behavioral issues with which even I found it next to impossible, but somehow in due course of time, I tried a reverse psychology stint; wherein he was showered with love and affection for about 2 weeks; irrespective of him being difficult to control; for instance, snapping and biting. After 2 weeks the moment he did anything wrong he was given silent ignorance treatment, that was the turning point for him and us.” 
Okay, now, that right there is a really unique way to heal someone. Truth be told, it Is also one of THE best ways to heal anyone, be it human or animals: the love therapy. And in this case, not only did it work, but the result was more than extra-ordinary! The pictures themselves stand a testament to the change. 
Next, we wanted to help out our readers/pet-patents out there, irrespective whether their pets have special need or not. Instead of a very technical solution, the captain had some very wise words, that are, in itself, a complete solution. ‘Understanding changes lives’, the captain knows best when he says, “After Donnie ( and already having a 10-yr old Daschund at home)I’ve realized that every living being is different by nature despite having common traits ,so if one can respect that and then deal with the living being, it’s a better way of tackling by understanding.”
Nothing too tough, just plain and simple truth, wouldn’t you say?
Wrapping things up, we asked Sumit to summarize his life with Donnie in one sentence and also that one thing about Donnie which Sumit loves most, when he added, “I’d say my life with Donnie is a different yet unique bond between man and canines irrespective of being from any breed.” And that one thing the captain loves best? Apparently, it’s the innocence in Donnie’s eyes! BELLISSIMO!
Well, that there is our story for the Pet of the Month!!! We wish much happiness to Sumit and Donnie! 
That’s all folks! Until next time!