Make Your Pet Your Valentine!

10/02/2016 0 Comment(s) Events,


It's that time of the year when we all fall sick to the love bug. But not everyone finds that special someone.



So we at Petville Store decided to give you tips on making not only this but many Valentine's to come the best time of the year. Make your pet your Valentine! (With a guarantee of no fights and heartbreaks - it's a Petville promise).


Surprise your pets with new a new t-shirt or a set of a cool collar or leash, take them out for a long drive. Roll down the window and let them put their head out and feel the breeze on their tongue. It's a sheer pleasure in doggy world.

Make sure they don't fill their tummy with just air, next up is a reservation at a pet friendly restaurant. Too flashy for your taste? You can also pack a picnic with new treats and that delicious meal you rarely buy because it's too expensive. C'mon your date deserves it.

And hey! No Valentine's is complete without gifts. Let him hear it squeak before you show it to him. A dog can never have enough toys like a cat can never enough things to scratch on.

You can also go big by throwing a Valentine's party at your place and inviting all the pets from the society. They can share treats and meals. And don't forget the shy sweetheart from the neighborhood who wags her tail every time your pet walks past her house.

This time of the year is also easy to remember so if you are planning to get your pet or stray vaccinated do it then you'll remember to do it the next year too. A gesture that will ensure a healthy long life for your pet.

And if you are about to give us the reason that you don't have a pet to do all that then we have no choice but to tell you to go out and adopt a pet and make it your valentine for life!


So this year spread the love fever and make your pet your Valentine!