Let’s take the dog out!

25/01/2017 0 Comment(s) Events,

The Pet Party organised by Petville Store and The Munch Box Café was a definite success in bringing together pet owners for a enjoyable gathering.


It was the time when pets got to enjoy things together and have a blast. January 14 not only saw people celebrating Pongal/Makar Sankranti all over the city, but also pets (read dogs) having a gala time with their human friends (aka their owners). The Pet Party was organised by Petville Store and The Munch Box Café along with Hyatt which was also the venue of the remarkable Party.


Sharp at 3.30 pm, the dogs arrived in cars all excited and swishing their tails in glee. Groomed to perfection and looking like a million dollar, all dogs had to wait until their owners-come-friends registered them. In fact, their eagerness was infectious and everyone smiled & laughed with them. If only humans had tails to show in happiness more better?


As each pet was registered, an attempt was made to make them walk through the loops kept at strategic points near the entrance. With a mind & mood of their own, they went to the photo booth straight way but only after an attempt to go through the loop. The photo booth proved to be a hit amongst the owners and the dogs who posed with a big smile.



Soon, the event began to unfold and the Emcee Nitish Kamdar took over. A pet lover himself, he bonded with the owners and their beloved four legged friends easily. Soon it was all fun and frolic. There were games for all. The first was lemon and spoon wherein the owners had to walk the dog on leash while holding the lemon on spoon in their mouth. Lots of cheering and bow-wows happened. Romeo, an adorable Yorkshire terrier, was the winner. Next, the game of musical bums was even more enjoyable. The owners and their pets on leash had to go around the placed chairs and once the music stopped, the owners had to make their pets sit in 10 seconds. What was seen was total madness with some pets looking at their human with confusion. Slash, a delightful Beagle, won this game.


After a small break in which The Munch Box provided food for the pets and Hyatt for their owners, it was time for the pet fashion show. The owners spoke what is special about their beloved pooch. The winners were Romeo & Bruno – both Labradors and Elmo – the Cocker Spaniel.
While the fun just could not be stopped, weariness did creep in and so the pets went with their human friends back home with a happy face.


The Pet carnival organised by Petville Store and The Munch Box Café at Hyatt Pune was a successful paw step towards pet get together & fun.