It's treat time!!

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A lot of people think that treats for pets is over indulgence and just a waste of money. Here we are going to bust some myths.


Treats are very much a part of your pet's diet as is water. Pet treats vary from our own treats in so many ways.


Like they aren't just junk food, that your pet will get hooked on to and not eat his regular food. If made a part of your pet's diet they can prove to be extremely beneficial for the health.


Pets like us get bored of monotonous diet they need a change too. Have you seen your dog look at you with expectant eyes when you grab a quick bite in the evening? He wants something too. Variety in diet cannot always be possible with the big meals so small additions of treats can help maintain a healthy appetite. Chances are that your pet will even start enjoying his regular meals.


Treats can act as supplements like that extra dose of calcium or vitamins that normal diet might not be able to provide. Most of the treats are made of high protein and are very healthy for your pet. And they are available according to the age and the dietary needs of the pet. Like growing dogs need more protein based treats with calcium that help in the growth of bones. And then there are some treats that even help clean your pet's teeth while he chomps on it.


Treats are also used by behaviourists as positive reinforcement while training. A good behaviour is encouraged with a treat, making the animal realise that he is being appreciated. Such practices can be adopted in everyday life too.


But choosing the right kind of treat is essential. While getting a new treat for your pet, go for a small pack and if it's a hit go for a bigger one the next time. Pets can be choosy when it comes to their treats. Also not every treat might agree with the pet's digestion. So make sure you notice which one is faring well and try to opt for them only. Make sure you consult the shop owner before making a purchase about the feedback from other customers regarding a treat. That will help you choose the right munchies.


So go ahead and give your pets an extra treat just to show that you love them that extra bit!