Dog bless you!

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One of our customers, Tina Malkani Gholap writes about the rescue work that she does.


"Dog bless you " is what I say when someone does a good deed for my doggies!


Truly they are angels sent from above to shower us with unconditional love and lifelong friendship.



Our Indian periahs are the healthiest and best breeds that one can have. Their immunity systems are the strongest (just like us indians) and they are the fastest to learn. I've been looking after my streeties (as I call them ) for the last 3-4 years. It's a different world out there. They ask you for nothing but when you do give very little, what you get in return is only love love and pure unadulterated love There are 4 adult ones living on a ground behind my society. I feed them daily. They are inoculated yearly and even sterilized.


Blackie, Whitey, Browny and Milo. Come running from wherever they are each morning as they hear me whistle. These doggies don't need to be taken into your homes to be looked after.



Food is the way to their hearts. Befriend them with a few biscuits at first and once you are able to handle them, touch them. Get them sterilized and thereafter feed them at least once a day. Food can be anything from dog food that one gets in the market, dahi and rice, or anything that is convinient. Only thing to remember is - no salt, no masalas and no sugar.


If doggies come and lay their puppies in and around my society, I try and get friendly with the mother so that I can feed her while she feeds her babies and about two and a half months later they are put up for adoption.


It's really very easy and fulfilling to see a dog living on the street and yet be happy because you are looking after him /her. In turn they guard you and make sure you are safe at all times.


May each one of us be inspired to contribute a little to these doggies to get a lot back in return.

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