Being kind to animals

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Being kind to animals. When you say these words, the first time they seem obvious.


You probably think, ‘Of course I am!’ And maybe you are. But, when you mull over these thought, you realize, that most of the people are, but at times they may, knowingly or unknowingly, have been overly cruel towards these helpless beings. Say for example, have you ever ignored a cat that was clearly pregnant, sipping milk from a bowl that you accidentally left unattended? Have you simply shooed her away, instead of hurling a rock or a stone, unaware that your actions may be fatal for the would-be mom and her unborn kittens? You may have, but again, sometimes we tend to overlook the course of our actions and their consequences. This is where we must truly stand by the fact that ‘we are human’.

Being kind to animals, in general, may not be that hard to abide by, but it’s really the will, that drives a person to stick to it every time, that matters. I recently saw this post on FB, a short comic of sorts, wherein the first panel showed a stray dog foraging for food and a man throwing a stone at it that hits the dog on the head. The next panel shows the dog, with blood dripping from its temple, walking towards its younglings with food in its mouth while the puppies are captioned as saying, “Mommy! Mommy!”

Now this comic, as simple as it may seem, has tremendous message behind it, one that hits you hard. But if you want to put your conscience at ease, remember that these beings are much more afraid of us than we are of them, and that is exactly why, simply shooing away will almost always cause them to flee; specially strays, who’ve had bad experiences regarding strangers on the road. Also, these beings have no intention of hurting humans, unless provoked. They merely want to quell their hunger, and sometimes food is in short supply that forces them to look for food in places they know they probably shouldn’t.

So, all in all, you may call it a big misunderstanding on our part and let these adorable creatures go about their day. And if they do trespass your boundaries, rest assured, for they never do it on purpose.