About Us

Raising a pet is nothing less than raising a child, your mind is surrounded by many questions when you get a pet home.

We at Petville Pet Store understand you and your pet and we not only help you chose the best products for your pets we also share the best practice.

About Preeti Agrawal

I chose to be a part of pet industry for my sheer love for animals, they are integral part of my life. They fill my life with happiness, their unconditional love gives me a boost to work for their betterment.  I support pet adoption. I truly believe a stray dog/cat is nothing less than any pedigree dog/cat.

When I was a child I was always told not to go near dogs or cats because of hygienic reasons and as time passed by many questions gathered on my mind related to them I started researching about pets my fondness for them increased with time and in the year 2009 I adopted a cat which I rescued. February 2010 I saw Snowy (my dog) for the first time on a friends profile on Facebook. Snowy was up for adoption, my heart melted by looking at her crippled condition she was hardly 45 days old. It was love at first sight for me, and I decided to adopt her. Snowy and my 14month old son are best friends now.  Life has changed for good.

Why a pet store? When I got my pets I didn’t know much about pet food pet care, I had thousands of questions on my mind and I never used to get satisfactory answers when I visited other pet shops. My pets inspired me to do something for their well being then came this idea of opening a pet shop wherein I will not only guide the pet owners to do things which are right for their pets but also promote pet adoption.

Everyday I learn so much from this little furry angels, life is worth living because of them. They teach us how to love and live

We have a group on Facebook where we discuss anything and everything related to pets.

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